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There is no designated way to pursue a career in space science and engineering. Everyone has experienced a different route into their career. We will be highlighting these career paths on our social media channels. Stay tuned!

Our Careers
Both Catherine and Priya had in-direct routes into working in the space sector. Catherine began her studies focusing on environmental sciences after believing she “wasn’t clever enough” for physics, before she learnt that it isn’t about “being clever”, it is about being passionate about your subject. Priya believed that space science wasn't for her due to the limit of women of colour in space careers, she has proved this wrong.

Find out more about Catherine and Priya’s career journeys in the About Us page.

The Roving with Rosalind team created a quiz to see what role you could have in a Mars mission! Complete the quiz here: There are lots of ways to find out more about a career in space. Here are some useful


For students:

For teachers:

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