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Both Catherine and Priya are members of the science team for PanCam, the Panoramic Camera designed to go to Mars. When they first got involved, they were amazed at the huge UK involvement in the engineering and science of the instrument, and thought that this is something that should be known nationwide. This was the start of their Eyes on Mars journey, and they began creating the project to showcase how much we have done to contribute to Mars exploration.

The main aims of Eyes on Mars are:

  • Inspire school students to pursue a STEM career by providing educational resources

  • Spread awareness of the UK’s involvement in Mars exploration within school groups aged 7 - 16

  • Spread awareness of the UK’s involvement in Mars exploration with the general public via social media 

  • Promote STEM careers in the younger generation

One of the ways Eyes on Mars will meet these aims is by providing an activity that can be used in classrooms, youth groups and at home. This activity was designed around the Panoramic Camera, designed for Mars exploration, and allows the public to create their own filter wheel that is based on the two inside PanCam. We have produced instructions, worksheets and a lesson plan to go alongside this activity. To find out how you can get involved, and do this activity yourself, visit the Resources Page.

In addition to our activity, we have created a social media platform where we plan to share the stories of some of those involved in Mars exploration and PanCam. This will include interviews with leading engineers and scientists, fun Mars facts and information about upcoming Mars events. Follow our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to follow our platform!

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